Drive Traffic

By delivering your news announcements and promotions in real time to thousands of national newspapers, broadcast outlets, search engines, news aggregators, invididual journalists, blogs & websites, NewMediaWire helps you drive traffic back to your newsroom or website so you can share your corporate story. More traffic equals more followers which results in a higher ROI.

Engage Audience

Your news releases reach journalists, consumers, bloggers & key influencers via NewMediaWire's distribution channels, ultimately increasing your audience engagement. By reaching B2B & B2C audiences across online media outlets, social media channels and major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo!, your generating buzz for your brand and enhancing your web presence.

Save Money

NewMediaWire's low cost packages included unlimited words, a free link report of media & influencer engagements, no hidden overage fees and no membership fees. NewMediaWire was established by newswire veterans who undertsand the true cost of distributing news releases, so our cost reflect the highest quality product that benefits your budget and delivers you a significant ROI.

Promote Brand

NewMediaWire's content helps you promote your brand by increasing your online visibility through the latest SEO tactics. By delivering your news to top-tier national media, journalists, newspapers & the most popular online news, your brand is being exposed at the highest online levels. Achieving these key content marketing strategies by distributing dynamic content to audiences across online & mobile platforms is sure to increase publicity and website traffic.

Measure Results

The success of your NewMediaWire release is confirmed after each distribution with our link reports. Each report highlights the media outlets, search engine sites, news aggregators, social media channels and online databases that your release reached. The link report also makes a wonderful tool for promoting your company's placement online in other promotions.

Do It Yourself

For years the process for distributing a release involved uploading and waiting for human confirmation. With NewMediaWire, we save you time by automating the process, allowing you to use our self-service, password protected website to upload and schedule your release. Our editors review your release and confirm receipt and approval for distribution. Whereever you are, as long as you're connected to the web you can distribution releases through NewMediaWire.


News Media Distribution

Included with National or Multimedia National distribution packages


AP Mobile

Included with Multimedia National distribution package


Online Distribution

Included with all distribution packages

App Portal

24/7 Self Service App

Create your account and access our CMS 24/7 from your computer or mobile device


Media Engagement Report

Each distribution includes a link report for you to measure the success of your release

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