Ubiquitech Software Corp Gives Shareholder Update On Name and Symbol Change To HempLife Today

Denver, CO - (NewMediaWire) - January 11, 2019 - Ubiquitech Software Corp. (OTC: UBQU) is updating shareholders on the progress of its name and symbol change to HempLife Today™. The Company announced on December 12, 2018, that it had retained a law firm specializing in name and symbol changes for companies trading on the OTC, and the Company is currently working to expedite this process so that the name and symbol change takes place as quickly as possible.

Below are a list of items that are currently in progress to facilitate the Company name and symbol change to HempLife Today:

  • Signed and notarized proof of shareholder approval for all corporate actions.  
  • Proof of Board of Directors approval for all corporate actions.
  • New CUSIP number
  • Approval from transfer agent.
  • Certified stamped amendment to articles of incorporation for the PUBLIC company.
  • A history of the public company since inception showing all mergers, reverse mergers, name changes, amendments to articles of incorporation, etc.
  • List of officers and directors along with any letters of resignation, board minutes of appointments, shareholder votes for board members, or filed form 8-K showing the changes in officers and directors.

The Company will be sending all pertinent information to FINRA as quickly as possible and will file the state documents with a two-week effective date, make application to FINRA for Other Corp Action under Rule 6490 application, notify DTC, and obtain a new CUSIP identifier.

CEO James Ballas states, “The Process for the name and symbol change is involved, but we have very knowledgeable specialists in this field working with us and we are working on all of the items necessary to get the Company name and symbol changed as quickly as possible. We thank our shareholders for their patience in this matter and want them to know that we are one hundred percent committed to this name and symbol change.”

The Company will put out additional news when the filing with FINRA has been initiated, and upon completion of the name and symbol change.

The Company looks forward to keeping shareholders aware of its progress in all areas and will keep shareholders apprised through regular press releases and through its investor relations.

About Ubiquitech Software Corp

Ubiquitech Software Corp, through its subsidiaries, is a dynamic multi-media, multi-faceted corporation utilizing state-of-the-art global internet marketing, DirectResponse (DRTV) Television, Radio, Internet Content, and traditional marketing to drive traffic to the new and emerging multi-billion dollar industries like its subsidiary HempLifeToday™

About HempLife Today™

HempLifeToday™ focuses on the exciting and dynamic new thinking in the world today that recognizes the important health and life-enriching enhancement that CBD Oil from the Hemp plant can bring. Through its network of quality USA growers, HempLifeToday.com™ has developed multiple and proprietary CannazALL™ CBD oil products that include; It’s popular CBD Tinctures, Concentrated Oils, GelCaps, Skin Salve, e-liquid, and CannazALL Pets™ CBD products all offered @ www.HempLifeToday.com

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Source: Ubiquitech Software LLC

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