Eye-On-Media Network (OTC Pink: EOMN) to Produce the MISS GEICO RACING TEAM, Winners of Eight World Championship Titles, Sponsored by Geico Insurance, Takes Lead Role in Cooking Reality TV Show

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - (NewMediaWire) - February 17, 2017 -  Eye-On-Media Network, Inc., (OTC PINKEOMN) announced today a collaborative entertainment initiative with MISS GEICO RACING TEAMMobilityTelevision, Inc. ("MBTV") and FOTV Media Networks, Inc. ("FilmOn") to produce and distribute a realty television show mixing 'sports, cooking and reality,' packaged as "The Powerboat Cook-Off Competition". Eye On Media Television producers will follow and film MISS GEICO RACING TEAM, Winners of Eight World Championship Titles, during various racing events scheduled in 2017, as they compete against other offshore race teams - in a separate, on-shore, cooking competition. The television show's Executive Producer, Jack Namer, has scheduled filming during time periods of Miss GEICO's normal offshore racing competitions. The pilot episode begins filming on or about June 24, 2017 during offshore grand prix races in Sarasota, Florida. The Powerboat Cook-Off Competition TV Show will be funded through commercial advertisers and sponsors, earmarked for later broadcast via sponsored programing on local, national and international network channels. FOTV's (FilmOn) will also distribute the mini-series on its global IP-delivered digital television platform, namely on the "Eye-On-Cooking" lineal channel being launched.

Background: MISS GEICO headquartered in Riviera Beach, FL, is a 50 foot (3,300 horsepower) offshore racing boat, sponsored by GEICO Insurance, and owned by AMF Offshore Racing and partners Gary Odell, Scott Colton, Gary Stray, Marc Granet (driver) and Scott Begovick (throttleman). MISS GEICO RACING TEAM has won eight World Championship Titles in offshore racing since inception in 2005.

EYE-ON-MEDIA NETWORK, INC. is a publicly traded company (OTC PINKEOMN) which actively engages in the acquisition, development, production and distribution of television and multi-media programming content. Eye-On-South Florida, a subsidiary of EOMN, owns and operates Channel 16 Live, a fully operational over-the-air (OTT) broadcast network in South Florida. Eye-On-Media were founded by Jack Namer, President & CEO and Amy Nalewaik, Executive Producer of EOMN. Collectively, the company distributes its own and aggregated content through Comcast, DirecTV, Dish TV, CW Network, Channel 16 and other broadcast partners with distribution exceeding 80 million homes. Jack Namer has been named Executive Producer of The Powerboat Cook-Off Competition.

"I am very confident that with the MISS GEICO Racing Team and the enthusiasts for the sport this will produce substantial revenues for EYE ON and MISS GEICO in product merchandising and content distribution. It will also demonstrate the power of our robust 'Bunji' digital channels, a unique content distribution platform," quoted Namer.

MOBILITY TELEVISION, INC. (MBTV) is a privately held production and technology start-up company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The company was founded by its current President and CEO, Gary Metz, Producer and Location Manager of The Powerboat Cook-Off Competition. He is a former movie producer of the South Florida area and currently is an Authorized Partner of Microsoft Partner Network, Softlayer/IBM Cloud, Tune In (an AOL Company) and an authorized FilmOn Affiliate. MBTV has designated Strategic Payroll, LLC., a Central Florida accounting firm, to manage all financial affairs of The Powerboat Cook-Off Competition. Lorraine D. Powell will serve as the company's Director of Public Relations on all media inquiries relating to the production.

FOTV MEDIA NETWORKS, INC. FilmOn, a brand of FOTV, is the world's first and largest IP-delivered digital television platform with true 'TV Everywhere' capability. Founded by billionaire Alki David, FilmOn offers more than 600 free and subscription linear TV channels, podcasts and radio stations, and over 90,000 on demand titles. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, FOTV employs over 100 full-time engineers and programmers, with locations in London, Switzerland and Ukraine. FOTV's Chief Content Offer, Kim Hurwitz, will oversee The Powerboat Cook-Off Competition distribution on the FilmOn global network.


Source: Eye On Media Network

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