Derma Roller 1.0 Titanium, the New Product Launched by Qualizzi Products

Derma Roller 1.0mm w/540 Titanium Micro Needles is the New Product Launched by Qualizzi Products, with New Born Brand Called QMD-Rollers

LAS VEGAS - (EINPresswire via NewMediaWire) - April 29, 2014 - Qualizzi Products LLC, makers of the Qualizzi Star Lights, has announced a new health and beauty venture as part of their brand expansion. The company will begin distributing a line of products to improve the skin health of its customers, starting with the new Derma Roller.

Qualizzi Products LLC was founded in 2013 and has been providing customers since with a popular brand of decorative lights, currently available at The founder, a doctor, began to see the need for a new product that is safe and effective for treating a variety of skin issues. She felt such direction would not only lead to safer products, but more effective ones and the customers would get a honest advice about when and how to use the derma roller therapy (Micro Needling) or its contraindications, when not to use the device.

To kick off the new line, the company has developed the new DERMA ROLLER 1.0 - QMD, which is available now at Amazon. The derma roller is a needle therapy system designed to increase the production of collagen in the body and enhance the delivery of medication to the skin, making it more effective. The product is aimed at healing a variety of scars, including those resulting from acne. In fact, it is considered by many specialists "... as the best treatment for acne scarring up to date"...

The increased collagen production helps with a number of other issues, including hair loss, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. It can also lesson the appearance of sun damage, age spots and under-eye bags. In addition, cellulite, stretch marks and hyper pigmentation can be treated with increased collagen production.

The system features 540 needles, rather than the standard 200. This leads to increased penetration in less time while also being less invasive and healing faster. The needles of the derma roller are shaped specifically to increase comfort and lessen the pain associated with other needles. In addition, the needles are made out of titanium, which is easier to sterilize and does not lose sharpness as fast as other materials. They also last longer than other needles used in these types of treatments.

To learn more about the derma roller, visit the Amazon page. Besides the new derma roller, the company also plans to introduce a line of creams, serums and supplements. To learn more about the QMD-Roller Derma Roller and Demarolling treatments indications and contraindications you can visit their website. The company is offering coupons due to the launch promotion that you can request via their contact form at .

Ninne Notto
QMD-Rollers by Qualizzi Products

Source: EIN Presswire

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